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Located in the South Nilandhi atoll of Maldives, Rinbudhoo is about 950m long and 325 m wide. The island consists of a population of 573 people. The name Rin’budhoo comes from the word “Rihi budhu” which means “Silver Idol”. Famously known as the “Jeweler’s Island”, Rinbudhoo is proud to have the most gifted goldsmiths in the Maldives. They excel in jewelry designing, making as well as stone carving and cultural arts. It is in fact the only island in the Maldives that practice the art of jewelry making. Jewelry making is an art passed down by their ancestors over eight centuries ago. According to Maldivian legend, the chief jeweler of the Sultan taught the islanders after getting exiled to Rin’budhoo island for stealing the king’s gold which was in his care. It is believed that before Maldives ever embraced Islam, Rinbudhoo was famous for having a giant Idol, carved and sculpted out of silver, which they later buried underground after converting to Islam.